Final: Network Learning Project

‘Networking’ was one of an important aspect of my course. And our contribution to Ed. Tech classmates was also a part of my learning journey. Throughout the semester, my professor, Katia has consistently reminded us about our contributions with encouraging, resourceful comments. This has pushed me out of my comfort zone to built a network with my fellow students as well as teachers around the world. Studying first time via web had scared me in beginning but with Katia was very supportive that encouraged me to respond, comment, post, and build a network in my journey.

Slack, Zoom, Twitter, Tweedeck and WordPress were completely new to me when I had began my Ed. Tech journey. But Katia and classmates had made it very easy and approachable.

Few of my examples are shown below:

Slack Contribution:

I never new slack was such a wonderful tool to communicate, share resources or recordings and ‘get along’ with classmates. Below you can see my contribution in this course.

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Twitter Contribution:

I never thought, twitter would be popular network connecting site for teachers all around the world.

Alec Couros states, “There is idea collision with idea of others, with not only 140 characters but articles, blogs, lesson plans and lot more via hastags.” 

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Tweetdeck Contribution:

The idea of twitteracy, importance of hashtag connections and building social professional networks were well understood when I participated in #Saskedchat via Tweetdeck

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Word Press Contribution:

Along the journey, I learned that how important it is for teachers to do blogging and built e-portfolio. It helps in maintaining professionalism in digital world



Thus, I would to shout out a huge thank you to Katia for being amazing teacher in my journey of constructing ‘teacher networks’, Thank you Katia!

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