Coding- A fun game!

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

What a fun this week was to explore coding! Though scary it may seem, I was in awe when Katia taught in easy way to learn code. I neither have to learn numerous codes nor have to put in specific formats. I didn’t know it was such an easy way to do coding. No doubt students know more of coding these days. And why not it’s very important in their learning process. Check out this article, which provides excellent reasons to do so.

Furthermore, Mark Surman, an executive director of Mozilla foundation, states, “Code has become the 4th literacy. Everyone needs to know how our digital world works not just engineers” So, it becomes important for us to learn about codes. Also, krish mehra, a 6th grade student educates everyone what coding means in his Ted talk.

Thereby, to keep up with code learning and teaching, Katia taught us an excellent ways to do so. She taught to begin with how to explore numerous coding websites such as Hour of Coding, Code Academy, Scratch and many more.

Given the task to explore any given website for coding, I chose to play with Scratch. Check out my below video:

Additionally, I thought of guiding my audience to show how easy a coding can be. Check out this very short clipping.

Last but not least, my own coding outcome in a form of a short story. Just FYI, I have created only chapter 1. But we may add more chapters or levels to our coding story or a game. The purpose was to learn and experience the new form of classroom coding and I must say it was pleasure to do so. Also, I just can’t wait to teach such a fun form of a coding in live classroom.

2 thoughts on “Coding- A fun game!

  1. Wow you went into detail with your coding! This was much more difficult than the one that I did. I really liked how you tied in the TED Talk about coding with this assignment. What a great idea to connect this challenge with a professional resource! After completing this assignment, would you feel comfortable teaching coding in the classroom? Thanks for a great post!


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