Learning Project 5 : Get ready for some fireworks!

Welcome back to learning project. Unlike last week, this week I have brought some action for you. An action that provides some review on how was my online learning process. As well as an action to teach you one Origami model in detail.

And to do so, I’ve recorded my one-sided conversation and teaching in below videos. And I must say, it was very awkward to talk and act in front of camera as you can see I made some terrible mistakes. It’s easy to teach students than to camera I feel. And thereby, I appreciate all who make awesome videos for web audience like us.

Grab a moment to listen to my review because it provides some insights to proceed with any online learning, along with some useful links for Origami Project.


Also, those who think Origami is difficult get rolling on below origami action model with me. I have thoroughly simplified an amazing Origami Firework Creation for you. And I assure that anyone will love and have fun while attempting this model of creation.


Enjoy cracking fireworks and let me know how was your experience with online learning in the comments section below.


5 thoughts on “Learning Project 5 : Get ready for some fireworks!

  1. Sona, these are amazing!!!! I love how you included a tutorial video. After the spring semester is finished, I will definitely be trying these out! Also, you did amazing at recording/teaching, don’t be so hard on yourself! Videoing yourself when you’re not used to it is very AWKWARD and UNCOMFORTABLE. However, teaching is all about adapting!
    It has been great following your learning experience this semester!


  2. Hi Sona,
    I completely agree that filming yourself teaching is very different than teaching in front of students. I find that doing things like editing videos and integrating technology can help quite a bit to take away some of that awkwardness. You can find more information on how to edit videos on my blog :). Good work on the video however!


  3. Sona,
    These are so cool! I think you did a great job with your video tutorial. I agree with you that it can feel kind of awkward talking to the camera. I felt the same way when I made my cooking tutorial this week!


  4. Hi Sona,
    I totally understand feeling uncomfortable in front of a camera. I did not even know it was possible to use different colours in one piece. It is so cool to watch how you are learning.
    Thanks Sarah


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