Learning Project 2: The Rustle of Paper

I was pretty excited this week to start my learning project as I always wanted to make an attempt to learn origami but couldn’t get a chance. Firstly, I had no idea from where should I begin my journey. So, Like everyone else, I simply Google it! And there begins the journey of learning. Frankly, I was over-loaded with information and jumbled between the vast content on Origami creation.

First and foremost I tried to ask various questions to self and with research I understood what origami is and what type of materials were needed to start with.

As I was aware of the fact that it can be categorized into different level of Origami such as easy, medium, and hard via first learning project. I jumped to an easy origami for beginners. After reading few articles on web and exploring Pinterest. I thought of learn basic skills by exploring few regularly used specific folds such as mountain, valley pleat, crimp and more. I was in awe because I never knew that origami was based on such folds and had so many varieties to scrutinize. The sources that impressed me to initiate the experiment of creation were beginner’s guide and origami basics.

No sooner I initiated my folds I figured out it wasn’t easy to follow from just articles, as you cannot figure out which direction paper figure was shown and which corner of paper is suppose to be directed. Though the arrows and dotted lines in diagram specified next step still the final picture of creation wasn’t cleared. Thereby, I commenced my research process from YouTube as well. Though there weren’t many ‘fold technique’ videos, I learned few tricks to follow along from this YouTuber.

Apart from folds, I tried to learn few ‘base folds’ such as bird-base, fish-base, frog-base and more. This might be helpful for creating actual bird, fish or frog in my further learning project. Working the tiny folds on delicate paper was a bit tricky because of my thick but not thick fingers. But I was significantly happy with my first attempt on Origami creation. You can check out my endeavour on my YouTube channel that actually didn’t exist before this project. You can also see below video for my research process. So, last but not least I learned filming as well as editing videos that I had never done before. Thus, web tech helped me to learn quiet a lot this week. Therefore, I just can’t wait to experiment more on my project. And my next learning topic is ‘flowers’ so stay tuned to bloom.





6 thoughts on “Learning Project 2: The Rustle of Paper

  1. This is so cool! I had a teacher in grade 5 that taught us how to make some basic origami objects and I still remember how to make most of them. This skill is awesome to bring into the classroom and to be able to teach your students! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Sona,

    Great Post, origami has always looked cool to me and I do have some experience with it, however, I was never able to succeed at it. I am glad you are learning something that interests you and you are learning a skill that you can teach your students and they will love you for it.

    Keep learning and having fun doing it!

    Tyrel CK Bertram.


  3. Great job on your learning project progress. You did a fantastic job with your video! The colour choices are so pretty, the music is catchy, and the transitions are smooth.


  4. Hi Sona,
    This is such a great idea for a learning project. I was thinking about teaching my students a little origami at one of my programs so thank you for the great resource.
    Great work, Sarah


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