Learning Project 1: Crease to Amaze

Welcome to my journey of Learning Project via Educational Technologies. This would be my first time to explore a new subject matter systematically for given learning project in specific time frame. Thereby, I’ve chosen to use my interest of creativity but surely a different topic. I’ve chosen to cut and fold some papers to show creativity in the field of Art called ‘Origami’.

Image by 995645 from Pixabay

Being a child I’ve seen many videos about Origami but following steps and patterns in creativity was not my cup of tea. I’m a free painter so I like to follow disorder mess. Getting hands dirty with your flying imagination is what I like to create. Nevertheless, I’ve planned to jump into this puddle of methodology. Thereby, with no knowledge of how and where am I suppose to begin with this paper creation, thought to give it a try.

First and foremost to initiate Origami Learning Project, I would begin with a basic knowledge of Origami such as a history of Origami. Once theoretical concept is little bit cleared, I might jump into practicality of the subject. In order to begin this, I will do online web and Youtube research such as Beginner’s Origami with minimal steps and try it out. As and when I achieve success I might try out few of a different varieties. Later getting a hand on it I will move to one stage higher with medium steps. I’ll search for available articles, blogs, forums, apps to get hold of action. Even, if I mess up will continue to learn and understand the concept. Thereafter, if I succeed, I will try out advanced Origami probably by looking for an artist who is into such creation deeply and will follow them on social media to learn more about it. With limited time, my goal would be to explore basic four learning steps in accordance to origami’s level and my learning capabilities.

Goals to explore:

  1. Learn to make basic folds and bases
  2. Learn to make varieties of flowers, fruits and vegetables
  3. Learn to make different kind of animals and birds
  4. Learn to make one kind of Action model

I want to learn Origami so that I can simplify and teach kids to learn about Art Ed in classrooms. As being child, I always had a passion to learn about craft creativity but without sources, tutor and supplies couldn’t learn it. Therefore, being a teacher at any point if I can help any kids who want to learn about art will make them happy. Last but not least, having a passion in learning creativity if I learn new art, it is surely success and proud moment for me.

Photo Credit: Rui.Roda Flickr via Compfight cc

8 thoughts on “Learning Project 1: Crease to Amaze

  1. Sona,
    This is such an interesting idea! I would have never thought about choosing origami as my learning project. I wonder if this will serve any meditative and relaxing purposes for you as you start to get a hang of it! I can’t wait to hear more about your journey.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Brenna Smith


  2. Hello Sona,
    This is a really great idea for your learning project. I have always found Origami very interesting. I myself, have never really had the patience to really learn it. I think that this skill will serve you well as a teacher. I feel that if I had had a passionate and knowledgeable tutor as a child, Origami is something that I could have really enjoyed.
    Good luck on your project! I look forward to reading more about it.


  3. Sona,
    I am super excited to follow your journey via. origami. I absolutely love origami as I find it super relaxing.
    Good luck on your project, can’t wait to continue following your journey.


  4. Hi Sona,
    This is such an interesting idea and I am so excited to see how this learning project goes!
    I think this may also be perfect for an edtech class as in the past I have tried learning origami from books and I think the pictures always confused me! Being able to watch a video may be a great way to learn!
    Good Luck!

    Liked by 1 person

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