Introductory Post

Welcome to my blog-post. I am Sona Christian. I was born and brought up in India where academically I’ve done my Bachelors and Masters of Arts and Bachelors of Education. Professionally, I am a teacher and I moved to Canada after getting married. Recently I am working with Catholic School board as an I.A. and I love working among children as you learn and explore new things every day.

Apart from this, I am self-taught artist. I am very passionate about painting and I’ve explored only acrylic medium via YouTube, which plays a big role in education technology today and especially in my learning of an art process. I’ve never learned acrylic painting as a child or youth but having keen interest and exploring numerous materials at Michael’s Canada, as an adult I thought to give a try to my dream and started my journey step by step via available technologies.

Firstly, it all began with watching uncountable videos and experimenting with trials and errors. Later tried to possess in-depth, precise knowledge about the subject by reading blog-post, articles, visiting artists’ websites & tutorials and even by following them through social media to check out some of their works. I began to enhance my journey from improvement to polishing my skills i.e. where I stand today. Still I’m not yet there as it’s on-going process and having infinite updated subject materials on educational technology, learning seems like never-ending process in a good way.

Photo Credit: Elton Pelser Flickr via Compfight cc

Today’s vast developing technologies have evoked consistent learning in me. Thereby, I have also started scrutinizing drawings and sketching for my paintings. Including above research, I now even use drawing apps which helps me instantly to learn and use anywhere from my phone. In my free time, I can access anything I want with few clicks. Such educational technologies play a significant role to dig into any given subject matter. And to keep up-to-date with the advancement of technologies, blogging is one of modern tech. which helps to connect and interact with people of our interested field. Thus, Education technologies seems to be a future teacher and communicator of the world.


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